Would You Like To Become A Model?

17th December 2014


Hey Sexy Ladies & Hansom Gents ;)

I can now ad Model Scout to my CV. I was recently contacted by one of the model agencies where I work as a model in Copenhagen – Denmark.

Do you have a dream about becoming a model? ;) Now is your chance. Please contact me on my email: sabrinaziyada@hotmail.com

I need your name, address, nationality, age, height and weight.

Please send 2 polaroid photos preferably a full body photo and a close up of your hair and face.

The agency I am working for are looking for males over 30 with a edgy look and beautiful kids.

If you know any moms that would like their children to become models or hansom gentlemen please send them my way.

Unfortunately they have many female models at the moment.

On the photo I posted, I am on a weekend trip in Italy and found my face standing in a big Sephora shop in Milan. ;)

Thank you for stopping by.


Bad Posture (Dårlig Holdning)

12th December 2014


 80 % of all humans have a bad posture (Dårlig holdning) What do you signal with this body language? I AM INSECURE

Your body language says so much more about you personality than what comes out of your mouth.

When you walk into a room with your shoulders bent down to your chest, you signal unconsciously  “I AM INSECURE”. This is the signal you will send to strangers whether  you like it or not. Our posture and body language is the first thing men and women look at when they see you for the first time.

Maybe you are not insecure so why would you want to signal the wrong thing?!

People that have an office job or students that sit down in front of their computers and study will usually have a bad posture. The reason is their body is not used efficiently. The body is not active and our body is designed to be active.  What happens is your upper back muscles are too weak to hold your bones in the correct position and therefore the upper back bones will have a tendency to slide forward in a very bad position.

Besides looking bad it will also give you pain. Stiff neck, sore muscles, head aches , migraines, tiredness and it can even lead to a permanent injury in your back or neck.

(I have my background) as a masseuse I have seen so many ensamples of people like this. Students that study often and older people or in general inactive people will end up with weak back muscles and will suffer from bad posture.

This bad body language will also limit you in a job interview for example, YOU WILL SIGNAL – I AM INSECURE.

Let’s say, you say all the correct things and you did an amazing presentation of yourself – you might miss the opportunity of your dream job because your body language will signal the wrong thing.

Besides job interviews, there are situations where you walk into a crowded room and you will again signal “I AM INSECURE”. That is horrible – I want all of you to signal: I am a confident man and woman  – let’s say you actually are insecure, still  I am sure you don’t want to signal it, anyway.

So here is the solution – take care of your body. Go to the gym and work on your upper back muscles many women forget this part of their body when they are at the gym, they will focus on their belly, butt and legs. The upper body is so important, you don’t want a sack of potatoes for you upper body and fit legs. The body is connected you can’t skip any part. I know how a beautiful female back in a backless dress will make your sex appeal grow.

There is nothing more seductive than a man or woman walking with confident steps looking tall, lean and powerful with the perfect posture.

Besides all this, you have to work out you back for health reasons, we have all seen old people with crazy bad posture, and they can’t even see ahead, they have to bend their heads in a very awkward position to see straight. I don’t want any of you ending up like that. Take it serious please.

Your body is your most important tool – please take care of it. I will show you my favorite back exercise in this video – please look at my technique and do it correctly, if you are in doubt ask a personal trainer at your gym to help you out.

2 -3 times a week 3 sets of 10-15 that will help you out, I would love it if you could do more back exercises than just this one.

Thank you for listening.


Do’s And Don’ts On The First date – the last chapter of How To get A Sexy Girl On A date

11th December 2014


5. Dos and Don’ts on the first Date
Congratulations, your hard work has paid off, you’ve listened to the advice, and you are now sitting in a trendy restaurant having a romantic dinner with the hot girl whose phone number you (confidently) got last Saturday. You’re excited – she’s excited.
How do you make this a successful date? You’ve already made an impression just by looking your best, but actions speak louder than words. Be a gentleman – hold the door, pay for the meal, drive her home, girls appreciate these gestures because it makes them feel special. Making the girl feel special will be your mission. Give sincere compliments (not the clichés – be original), show interest in the person sitting across from you by asking questions and listening to her – Do not talk about yourself for 3 hours, that will make you feel special. If you are going through a list in your head of what to say next while we are talking our female intuition will pick up that you are offline. Remember we are intuitive creatures, we pick up on everything. Do not text people on your phone!! and do not get hammered drunk, stay in control of the situation. Be present, maintain eye-contact and enjoy the moment you have together; relax, have fun – laugh together. If you can make the girl laugh you’ve come a long way. Avoid heavy, serious subjects on the first date! Topics like past relationships, how they ended, problems at work etc. – there’s a time and place for these talks, but not on a first date where you are supposed to have a fun time.
The girl will most likely try to figure out what sort of man she is looking at. You may look like a million dollars, but do you have a good, strong character? Girls want a man with ambitions and goals in life. I am myself very ambitious, so a guy who is lazy with no career, no dreams, no passions, will be a huge turnoff. You must know what you want from life, and try to go for that. I am not talking about out-competing Google, or launching the new ‘Facebook’, but having something you strive for – a mission – is very attractive to a girl. She wants to know that you are an independent man with a mind of your own and an interesting life that she would want to be part of. Most women want a family, too, at some point and we are wired to look for signs that reveal whether you are a good choice as a partner. Will you be able to take care of a family and provide for their needs?

To sum things up – the common denominator of the advice you have read is: look hot and be confident If you improve your appearance you will have a much better chance of getting the girl out on a date, which is the first step in getting into a relationship. But appearances can be deceiving; you have to work on your inner game as well, become that strong man who knows what he wants from life and pursues it! I’ve given you my best advice – now it is your turn to take action and become irresistible! Good luck, boys!
MuuuuuahhhHHHH :-*


Have Balls 4th chapter of How To Get A Sexy Girl On A Date

10th December 2014


4. Have balls
It’s Saturday night and you arrive at your favourite venue. You rock that tailored suit or your casual sexy bad boy outfit. You’ve walked around the premises looking like the man. You order your manly drink (because you are not drinking pink drinks with pineapple pieces and green straws!) You see the girl of your dreams has appeared. You know that as a man, you have to approach even though you may feel uncomfortable doing so – but since you feel and look great, you casually walk across the floor with confident steps and introduce yourself… Now, in your head you probably hear the voice of Gerard Butler in 300 – and it should be! Be aware of how your voice sounds and the register you speak in, because a man who speaks fast in a high-pitched voice is not sexy. Speak slowwwwwlyyy, maintain eye-contact, stand tall and upright, be very aware of your body language, it is more important than what you say, bad posture leaning toward your toes or shaky hands will reveal you are insecure or scared. But remember – this is just a girl you are talking to, as a man, it’s the most natural thing in the world, the ancient song-and-dance.
If you want to approach the most popular girls in the venue, you CANNOT show fear. We are used to men coming up all the time, and we’ve heard it all before, so we scan for confidence – ‘why is he so cocky?’ Confidence is attractive and cannot be faked; your body language, your micro behaviours will reveal your true essence. If you have walked up to the hottest girl in the club, you better mean it!!! Now, personally, I will always give a guy props for trying and I will never be rude or mean because it DOES take courage and balls to walk up to a woman you don’t know. Girls appreciate the gesture, even if there’s no mutual attraction. Perhaps you need to practice your game, talk to a lot of girls so you feel comfortable doing it. Practice makes perfect.
The most important part tomorrow – Dos and Don’ts On The First Date – Last part of this guide!!  
Enjoy 😉


Dress To Impress 3rd chaper of How To Get A Sexy Girl On A Date

9th December 2014
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3. Dress to impress

So, you have applied the advice from chapter 1 and 2. You are looking sharp – your hair and beard are trimmed, your skin looks good, you have a dashing white smile, and you feel your pecs burning from last night’s workout. So far so good!
Next step is putting on some clothes that will emphasise your good features and make your look irresistible. The good news is that your investment in the gym pays off – your clothes will look better on you if you are in good shape (if you have to choose between becoming a member of the local gym or buying fancy clothes – it’s a no-brainer: A Gucci-wearing Homer Simpson will never make heads turn).

You have plenty of options here, guys, you can keep it simple with a pair of loose jeans, a simple t-shirt, it can look very sexy with a fit body (never let me catch you wearing those old, wrinkled worn out t-shirts) and some trendy sneakers – not the Steve Jobs running shoes, they are nerdy, ugly and tacky!

If you are not afraid of going all-in, invest in a tailored suit which can be done for a reasonable price these days. Italian men have perfected the art of dressing, look to them or fashion magazines for inspiration; there are also plenty of YouTube channels dealing with this subject (fx this one: https://www.youtube.com/user/AlphaMconsulting/videos. If your suit is the wrong size – often too baggy – this just looks plain messy signalling the coolness of a 12-year-old school boy. Size, fit, design – these things have to work together to project the air of a confident man!
Speaking of the air surrounding a man – women love when a man smells good! You are dressed to kill from head to toe, accentuate this with a sexy smell. If a man leans over to talk to me and he smells divine, you already have your foot in the door! On the contrary, if you smell like you’ve just returned from the Woodstock Festival in the 70s, no amount of muscles or fancy shoes will save you. Some guys think “I don’t smell bad, it’s my natural smell” – and this may be true. But it is also VERY boring. (“Yaaahh, my date smells of absolutely nothing, I am so excited!!!” Hopefully your personal odour allows you to smell the irony here! )
Tomorrow read Have Balls – I love this one 


2nd chapter of how to get a sexy girl on a date, Body Shape

8th December 2014

abbs with print

2. Body Shape
You’d be surprised how much your body has already said before you’ve even opened your mouth. In today’s world obesity is a growing problem and too many men ignore that this is actually an area where you can do A LOT! You can mold your body into any shape you want; the body is amazing like that. Being fit has SOO many benefits; not only will girls respond more favourably to a man who takes care of his body, but you will look better, feel better, and project more confidence, which again will increase your appeal and success with the ladies. You don’t have to match Arnold’s biceps, but we girls are petite, fragile creatures, and we want a man who can protect us from all the dangers out there. When the danger comes, or after we watch a scary movie 😉 we want our man to hold us in his strong arms, if he’s ams and legs are my size, he doesn’t seem like the protective shield we want him to be. A really dangerous situation may never arise, or maybe it will be out of your control to deal with it – but please – let us have the illusion! 😉
Hitting the gym regularly (with correct supervision and advice) will make you look and feel manlier – Have a look at my workout video’s as well. Some great tips for guys too. Girls want that male-female polarity, we sense the testosterone that emanates from you when you have been psychically active, which triggers our female instincts that tell us that you, my friend, are a good candidate to reproduce with (this is on a subconscious level, of course, but still true, nevertheless). You might have a better chance getting laid.
Doing the Disco workout – only chest and arms before hitting town will not do the trick; as with everything else: consistency is key. Do not skip the leg work out because it’s boring, legs compromise half of your body (in case you didn’t notice) and tiny chicken legs look good on no one!
Tuesday – More information – reach the girl of your dreams – Dress to impress – important stuff!! – don’t miss it 😉 the last 3 chapters.

9/12 – Tuesday – Dress To Impress
10/12 – Wednesday – Have Balls
11/12 – Thursday – Dos and Don’ts on the first date


Challenge yourself and get that perfect round tight butt for New Year’s eve

7th December 2014

imagesuntitledswizz ball
Sunday Booty Work Out!

Challenge yourself and get that perfect round tight butt for New Year’s eve 

I love the Glute Bridge – it works your core, hips, lower back, hamstrings, abdominals and glutes = (BUTT).
But most of all it works out your butt.
1. This exercise I am doing in the video is very advanced and burns like crazy! Very effective.
If you are a beginner, you will need to start out with a beginner glute bridge – both legs on the floor and push the hips in the air. Do this exercise every day 4 – 5 sets of 15 -20 reps, (see first photo 😉 Do this until New Year’s and you will have a more beautifully shaped ass 😉 Plus it will be tighter. If this is too easy for you, or you are not a beginner look below at number 2.

2. Challenge yourself with one leg in the air and do the same procedure with the first glute bridge – but with one leg 3 sets of 15 -20 reps – on each leg (see photo) – if this is too easy for you and you are in very good shape – look below at 3.

3. Glute Bridge with swizz ball – a glute bridge with both legs on the swizz ball 4-5 sets of 15 – 20 reps see photo 😉 – that will fire your booty up I love it!!!

4. When you are in the best shape ever, you can do the exercise I am doing in the video – I like to show off as you can imagine – haha 

It takes a lot of training – be patient – push yourself each time you are doing these exercises. I know you can do it, I believe in you – buns of steel – COME ON LADIES – Get with the program.


How To Get A Sexy Girl On A Date

5th December 2014


Alright, gentlemen, so you wanna take out that sexy girl from work or the popular girl you have seen at your favourite Club a few times and you wanna make a good impression – but how? This post deals with all the things you can do to optimise your chances of getting a hot girl on a date.
The bad news is – there is no magical formula you can say to make the girl drop her panties; the good news is, that their are a lot of areas in which a bit of work on your part will make you a better, more confident man. Now, I am not your wife, girlfriend nor mum, so I will not beat around the bush, but tell you exactly how a woman thinks and what it is we notice when Prince Charming comes riding in. This can be tough love for some of you sensitive boys out there, but this blog is all about honesty and advice that is applicable in the REAL world, so if you can’t handle the truth, well, best of luck to you! On the other hand, if you wanna optimise your chances with the fairer sex, read on!

Here’s a list of five things you should know before approaching a girl: Each day you can read a different subject.

Today – The Naked Truth
8/12 – Monday – Body Language
9/12 – Tuesday – Dress To Impress
10/12 – Wednesday – Have Balls
11/12 – Thursday – Dos and Don’ts on the first date

1. The naked truth!

First impressions can not be Undone! Women scan you thoroughly from head to toe in the blink of an eye; and we notice everything. In a few seconds we scan your face, hair, nails, hands, posture, teeth, body, body language, clothes, glow AND ENERGY.
My first piece of advice is: look in the mirror! Now, you are the product of your dad’s successful seduction of your mum, the body and face you have are, pretty much, the body and face you have, and not all of you vil look like a certain ‘B. Pitt ‘. But that’s not an excuse for not having clean, groomed hands and nails, (you DO want them hands touching our divine bodies, do you not ?!). That’s why it is Very Important! Can you grow a sexy beard? Do it, but keep it trimmed and groomed, we do not want to see the left overs of last night’s dinner in your beard. Same goes with your hair – a bit too long neck hairs, makes you look greasy and lazy, ask your hair dresser what works for you and have it cut regularly. Personally I do not mind if you have short hair a balled head or long hair, as long as you look hygienic and well groomed. My hair is always crazy, but it does not mean yours have to be. Do you have a skin problem? is your skin dry and ashy? do you have a grey skin tone? are you black around your eyes? (Hint: Your body is missing vitamins or minerals) or do you have flaky dry lips or acne! if you can say ‘yes’ to any of these  – Go see a dermatologist (an article on ‘proper skin care’ is in the works, by the way ). Are you very pale? Get your ass to Miami or, as a last resort, use a tanning bed or some self tan. Looking pale was hot last century, not anymore, guys! Yellow, crooked teeth – go see a dentist asap, and have them bleached, if your teeth look bad we will think,’ I wonder what he’s body looks like, when he is too lazy to take care of he’s teeth’. There are multiple options, that can improve your looks tremendously with a little effort (uni-brow? Big no-no, remove the hair between your eyes, ’nuff said!) If you are a hairy beast 😉  – wax the unwanted hair away , your dermatologist can do it in no time, hair on your shoulders or back – a big no-no as well. Chest hairs are fine, it can look sexy if you trim it a bit, long chest hairs on the other hand, signals’ old man style’.
This is not rocket science, but you’d be surprised how many men are too lazy two take care of the obvious. Present the HOT version of yourself – why would you settle with anything less ?!

I am writing this post, because I care and want you to be the HOTTEST version of you :))

More to come on Monday stay toned;) – Body Language – do not miss it! – it sends very strong signals – when you approach a girl 😉

Enjoy your weekend and a BIG MUAAAh from me :))


T-Shirt from www.mehanovicbrothers.com

5th December 2014

Hey Ladies and Gents,
I like this T-shirt a lot because it is bad ass. Lol
Go have a look at their site and see if something will tempt you. Have a amazing weekend and thank you for stopping by.



Running Form

25th October 2014

What does your form look like when you run?
– Are your abs, upper and lower back activated?
– Are you using your whole body?
– Are you focused?
– How is your posture?
– Is your core engaged?
– Are you controlling your body or is your body controlling you?
Heel to toe – use your whole foot!
All these points matter!
Improving your running form and cardio comes from focus and body awareness 😉